Two dietitians secured for Mayo confirms Calleary

Fianna Fáil TD for Mayo Dara Calleary has been informed that two dietitians have been confirmed for County Mayo having raised this matter in the Dáil. There have been up to 635 people on waiting lists for dietitian services in the County, with 226 waiting for over one year for an appointment.


Deputy Calleary said “I welcome the news that two new dietitians have been appointed yet there are still questions to answer. When will they start? Where will they cover? How does the Department intend to reduce the significant waiting times in the area?


“There are significant negative health consequences for these patients awaiting appointments. Particularly young people. I ask that emphasis be placed on the cohort aged under 18 so their treatment is prioritised. This is causing concern to many of my constituents, including parents of children with these difficulties. Given the focus we have as a nation on obesity, early intervention through this service is crucial to preventing conditions such as diabetes taking hold down the line.


“While this is welcome news I intend to keep pressure on the Minister. Until waiting times for dietitian services start to reduce the concern will still be there from constituents affected by these waiting times,” concluded Deputy Calleary.