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Mobility Allowance cut to hit 160 people in Mayo

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Mayo Fianna Fáil Deputy Dara Calleary has revealed that approximately 175 people with severe disabilities in Co Mayo will see a 20% cut in State supports from July. According to new figures obtained by Fianna Fáil, 160 people with disabilities in Co Mayo who have been in receipt of the Mobility Allowance will see a dramatic reduction in their income from July. It follows the Government’s decision last month to axe the scheme. In addition to this A further 15 people will be hit by the cut to the Motorised Transport Grant. Deputy Calleary described it as a ‘savage cut’ that will have an enormous impact on people with disabilities […]

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Calleary slams latest attack on people with disabilities

Mayo Deputy Dara Calleary has described the axing of the Mobility Allowance and Motorised Transport Scheme as ‘yet another savage attack on people with disabilities’. Deputy Calleary has appealed to the Government to reverse this ‘scandalous cut’, which will result in a 20% reduction in income for up to 5,000 people with disabilities. According to the Fianna Fáil Deputy, there are many people with disabilities living in rural areas in Mayo who are heavily dependent on both of these schemes and will be badly hit by this cut. “The fact that Fine Gael and Labour can justify this disgraceful decision shows just how out of touch they have become.  They […]

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