Mayo social housing waiting list doubles in two years – Calleary

– New figures show true extent of housing emergency in Mayo –
– Govt TDs using outdated figures to mask the reality of housing crisis –


New figures obtained by Fianna Fáil TD Dara Calleary have revealed a shocking surge in social housing waiting lists in Mayo over the past two years.

The information supplied to Fianna Fáil through Freedom of Information, shows that social housing waiting lists at Mayo County Council have doubled since the last official figures were published in 2013.The figures from the Department of the Environment and Local Government show that there are 1,479 applicants for social housing at Mayo County Council.  However this latest information reveals that the true figure is 2,965 applicants.

Deputy Calleary explained, “These new figures reveal the true extent of the housing crisis in Co. Mayo.  The Government has been using outdated figures at a national level to mask the true extent of the crisis, but the cat is out of the bag now.

“All official figures quoted by the Government on social housing waiting lists are from 2013, and are therefore two years old.  The documents received by Fianna Fáil show that Mayo County Council has seen a massive increase in demand for social housing.  However bad we thought the housing crisis in Mayo was, it is actually immeasurably worse.  There are now 2,965 applicants on the social housing waiting list in Mayo.  Nationally, the figure is 130,000 – much higher than the 90,000 figure that the government has been using to date.

“The increase in Mayo over the past two years is higher than the national average increase. Behind all of these numbers are countless extremely upsetting cases of families who have no place to call home.  I am inundated on a weekly basis with families contacting me who are desperate for help to find a home.

“The extent of the problem must be obvious to any public representative here in Mayo.  The housing emergency has exploded out of control.  By downplaying the extent of the crisis, the Government is doing a gross disservice to the public and to the many charities that are working on the ground.  I am calling on the Government TDs here in Mayo to stop hiding on this issue. Wake up, stop the spin, put an end to the empty PR announcements and start taking real action to tackle this emergency.”