HSE refuses to provide extra ambulance for Mayo – Calleary

AmbulanceMayo Deputy Dara Calleary has expressed his shock and disappointment at the HSE’s
failure to recognise the severe ambulance shortage in Co Mayo.

Deputy Calleary questioned HSE management at length at the Oireachtas Health Committee
this week about the major gaps in resources for emergency services in Co Mayo.
He outlined a number of cases where patients in need of emergency medical care
were waiting far too long for an ambulance to reach them.

Speaking afterwards, Deputy Calleary said it’s clear that the HSE has no understanding of
the impact in Co Mayo of a new policy to reduce direct ambulance cover in the

“The new policy to send ambulances from any county to another county has resulted in
major gaps in the emergency service in Co Mayo.  Patients are being forced to
wait an unacceptable length of time for an ambulance to reach them, which could
be putting their lives at risk,” said Deputy Calleary.

“The HSE clearly has no understanding of the consequences for Mayo patients.  Large
areas of Co Mayo are now being left without ambulance cover.  This is a matter
of life and death and it cannot continue.

“It is very clear to everyone living here that we need extra resources for ambulance
services in Co Mayo.  The Taoiseach needs to step up to the mark here.  This
will not cost a fortune – a relatively small investment by HSE will make an
enormous difference to our local ambulance services and will radically improve
patient outcomes.

“I find it deeply disappointing that none of our local Government TDs saw fit to
attend this Oireachtas hearing on ambulance services.  The committee meeting
with HSE management was open to all TDs, but I was the only Mayo Deputy to turn
up and question HSE bosses about the severe problems with our local ambulance

“I am now calling on the Government to start taking an interest in this and
immediately intervene.  Lives are being put at risk unless we soon see a boost
in resources for ambulance services in Co Mayo.”