HSE appoints almost six hundred managers in six years – Calleary

2012 – 744 senior managers

2018 – 1,329 senior managers


Fianna Fáil Deputy Leader Dara Calleary says figures recently released to the party by the HSE show that the numbers of managers at Grade VIII and above in the HSE now stands at 1,329. This compares to 744 six years ago.

“Anytime a Dáil Deputy stands up in Leinster House inquiring about waiting lists or service provision we are constantly told about the difficulties in recruiting front line staff and the shortage of personnel.

“This clearly does not apply in the managerial grades where there has been an almost 80% increase since 2012. Certainly we have not seen an 80% increase in nurses or doctors during that time. If we had there would be nearly 5,000 extra doctors and 20,000 more nurses.

“Many people will wonder exactly what these additional managers have brought to the health service. The HSE has previously claimed that improved management and governance leads to better patient outcomes. Certainly in terms of emergency department overcrowding and waiting lists, things are much worse now than they were in 2012.”