FF energy policy puts forward concrete proposals for Ireland’s energy needs

EnergyFianna Fáil TD for Mayo Dara Calleary has welcomed the party’s new policy on energy.  The document, which was launched this week, sets out a plan to deliver energy security for the country through a range of measures.

Deputy Calleary commented, “This policy puts forward realistic proposals, which if implemented, will vastly improve the current approach, which has seen energy costs rocket, communities divided and has failed to seriously consider options that would make Ireland more self-sufficient.

“In contrast, the Fianna Fáil policy explores the options open to us to ensure a more balanced and secure energy mix.  It will examine the expansion of biomass – a proposal, which was first tabled by groups in Mayo last April – whilst still offering an opportunity to dramatically reduce our carbon emissions and reduce the necessity to spend large sums of scarce public money on a gold-plated and ultimately wasteful upgrading of the national grid. Ireland is predisposed to maximise biomass use because of the climate and soil conditions so it is important that all funding mechanisms to support biomass projects are investigated.

“The plan also calls for a complete economic review of the current Grid 25 project, including a re-evaluation of Grid West.  There needs to be a full re-assessment of the regulations governing the construction of overhead power lines, and must look at the option of underground cables especially in residential areas or places of natural beauty.

“The current situation whereby semi-state companies are competing against each other is completely senseless and is a particular problem in Co. Mayo.  We should be diversifying our renewable portfolio and not simply allowing a small number of semi-states free reign over the sector and over the planning process.

“I will be continuing to work with groups across the county to bring about workable solutions to alleviate community concerns, while ensuring that strategic infrastructure is constructed to the highest international standards.  Our policy puts forward a national energy policy which is balanced and cost effective, which is respectful of communities and their ability to contribute to our renewable energy future”.