FF Bill will clamp down on insurance fraud

– False compensation claims have led to increased premiums –
– New FF Bill will force DPP to investigate fraudulent claims – 

Fianna Fáil has brought forward a new Bill to clamp down on insurance fraud, which should see the reduction in insurance costs.

The ‘Civil Liability and Courts (Amendment) Bill’ seeks to reduce the number of fraudulent insurance claims by ensuring false claims are dealt with under the law.

Fianna Fáil Deputy Leader and TD for Mayo Dara Calleary commented, “Consumers are being charged huge insurance premiums because of the large number of false compensation claims.  This is deeply unfair and Fianna Fáil is stepping up to the mark to clamp down on these fraudsters.

“Despite a focus on insurance costs, people are still being hit with high premiums, and one of the main factors is the excessive number of false claims for compensation. This has forced up living costs for people in Mayo and right around the country, and in some cases people are simply no longer able to afford their premiums.

“False compensation claims cost everyone – and it is a problem which has not been properly addressed to date.

“Our Bill is designed to tackle this issue.  If passed, it would direct the courts to refer matters to the Director of Public Prosecution if a case is deemed to be fraudulent.  This would allow the DPP to take a case against the perpetrators of fraudulent claims.  This will be achieved by amending Section 26 of the 2004 Civil Liability and Courts Act.

“This legislation will not stop every false insurance claim, but it will ensure that those who engage in this criminal activity face legal consequences.

“People living in Mayo are continuing to see their insurance costs rise.  This move will help to change that and I am calling on all TDs from all parties to support this legislation”.