Calleary seeks clarity on pay & conditions for REA workers

untitledFianna Fáil Spokesperson on Jobs and Enterprise Dara Calleary has sought clarity on the pay and conditions of workers currently covered by Registered Employment Agreements (REAs)

Deputy Calleary commented, “This Supreme Court ruling affects tens of thousands of workers who have been covered by REAs until now.  There is still confusion over whether those currently covered under existing contracts will see a forced reduction in pay and conditions as a result of this decision.

“I welcome a move beyond outdated employment agreements that were set decades ago, in the absence of other protections for workers.  However, we cannot allow a free-for-all for employers as a result of this ruling.  I am seeking confirmation from the Government that there will not be a surge in employers suddenly moving to unilaterally slash the wages of workers who have been covered by REAs until now,” said Deputy Calleary.

“There is no doubt that certain sectors would benefit from greater flexibility, providing the freedom to ensure that wages reflect the economic reality.  This would help to boost employment in these sectors and it would disincentivise black market labour. There are currently many employers who comply with REAs and are being undercut by unscrupulous employers paying lower wages off the books.

“Fianna Fáil will be seeking to raise this issue in the Dáil at the earliest possible opportunity.  The Enterprise Minister Richard Bruton must ensure that all workers are made aware of their rights under the framework of the National Employee Rights Authority.  Guidelines must also be set down to ensure engagement between employers and employees on any renegotiated terms and conditions in this sectors.”