Calleary drives home the “Ireland for All” message at FF Ard Fheis

Fianna Fáil TD for Mayo and the party’s spokesperson on Jobs, Enterprise & Employment Dara Calleary told hundreds of delegates at the 77ú Ard Fheis that Fianna Fáil is the only party which will ensure fairness and equality after the General Election.

In a passionate and rousing address, Deputy Calleary outlined Fine Gael’s failure to spread the recovery to the regions, its failure to support entrepreneurs and its failure to invest in local infrastructure.

“Enterprising communities need to be the heart of the recovery; however Fine Gael and Labour have driven a two-tier geographic divide, with 94% of all jobs created in 2014 in the Greater Dublin Region.  It took them more than four years to discover regional job strategies – and even then, the plans that they have come up with are piecemeal at best and seem to be more about paying lip-service to the regions rather than taking tangible action to create more jobs.

“Fianna Fáil has produced policies that focus on regenerating our regional towns, that focus on providing locally based, locally sustainable enterprise across the island.  That gives support to business people to create the businesses where they want to.  We have looked for support for our regional airports, like Ireland West Airport Knock, to act as regional hubs for job creation and support a locally enterprise driven economy.  We will also replicate the success of the digital hub in Dublin across the country, by working with local authorities to put the facilities in place to give the support to digital entrepreneurs in Mayo and other counties around the country.  The digital economy should not have any geographical boundaries.  Fianna Fáil in Government will make sure that it doesn’t.

“Entrepreneurs have been sidelined by Fine Gael and Labour.  We want to give these business people more support – so that they can create more jobs.  Fianna Fáil will establish a State Enterprise Bank to break up the cosy consensus that is there between the pillar banks, which have led to the highest banking fees for businesses with the most restricted access to services in the European Union.  We will reallocate resources to support employers who create jobs by aligning their PRSI to job creation figures – the more jobs they create, the less PRSI they will pay within their business.  We will give practical supports, not pats on the back.

“Enterprise and innovation is a good thing.  Job creation is something that we need to encourage, drive and support.  An Ireland for All underlines the ethos of Fianna Fáil.  Equality and fairness are what drives a real republican party and an Ireland for all is what will be delivered under Fianna Fáil”.Canvass Board